Start Date: October 2012
End Date: January 2013
Location: Hiawatha, Iowa
Size: 60’x180’x20′
Special Features:
• Hipped roof tower in building corner.20′ sidewalls
• 2nd story loft area in showroom
• Special low sloped roof design specified by developers of the land that was purchased
• Very progressive use of masonry on the exterior and interior of the structure.



The fall start date, middle of winter completion date and strict design standards imposed by the development this building was constructed in presented some unique challenges that only a post frame building may have prevailed through at a reasonable cost to the customer. The development that was chosen required low sloped roofs (less than 2/12) and use of certain amounts of non-metal siding materials. The final design incorporated a corner tower with hipped end roof and boxed columns of masonry. The front section of the building was covered in varying types of masonry as was portions of the interior showroom. The finished product is a beautiful, unique appearing building that’s definitely outside the typical post frame appearing box.

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